indoor Korean grilling

Just because I don’t have an indoor grill, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I found a seafood glaze recipe in that Korean cookbook I’ve been talking about. I split some shrimp down the middle and marinated it in the glaze. Then I cooked the shrimp in my grill pan. We set the table with everything needed to make it just like when you dine out for Korean grill — the bean paste, lettuce leaves for wrapping, some julienned ginger and sliced garlic, the kimchi of course, and the guacamole and chips. Umm, well, yes, I did also make some fresh guacamole because the avocadoes were on super sale, but it wasn’t part of the Korean experience. I had some extra of the seafood glaze too, which I didn’t use for marinating, so I served that on the side for dipping.

It’s tough to get a great photo of it, but everyone at the table serves themselves. You start with a lettuce leaf, spread a little bean paste inside, add some of the grilled shrimp and kimchee, add garlic and ginger if you’d like (oh, I think we had scallions too), then wrap it all up in a little packet, dip it in the seafood glaze if you’d like, and pop it in your mouth. Honestly, it was just about the best food like this I’ve ever had. Okay, it’s a little better at Woo Lae Oak, but I saved a few bucks by doing it myself, and it was a lot more fun.

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