yogurt, not frozen

I love to stay at myhotel Bloomsbury when I visit London. It’s a little tiny, but that can be a nice thing. Think intimate. It’s also in a great location, nearby the Tube, and a quick walk to several interesting neighborhoods, especially if you’re in the mood for shopping or just hanging out.

A very nice perk at this hotel is the complimentary breakfast. You’re probably thinking coffee and toast, and you’d be way off base. It’s all-you-can-eat, and the buffet is fantastic. I do a lot of walking when I travel, so the free breakfast is a nice way to fuel up before heading out. And I totally dig the cool dining room space (above).

I stuffed myself each morning on pastries, fresh juice, prosciutto, smoked salmon, brie, Belgian-style waffles, and more. It’s funny to me because my norm for breakfast is a bowl of cereal with soymilk. The last time I ate this much for breakfast was in New Orleans.

I never eat yogurt for breakfast, but they had plain and fruity varieties, and loads of great toppings. What’s more is that the yogurt is very sour and runny. I guess that’s the way they do it in Europe. If I could get yogurt like that here, I’d probably eat the stuff more often. That brings me to the reason for this post.

I was at the Union Square Greenmarket the other day, and someone was handing out this yogurt on the corner. (I love street-corner freebies.) I tried it on the spot and ended up eating the whole thing as I walked down 17th Street. Yum. Does my local market sell this?

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