curry town

I’m in the East Village all the time. If nothing else, there are a couple of cool CD stores (Kim’s, Etherea). For foodies, it’s a moving target with new places opening seemingly every week. They’ve got at least 87 frozen yogurt spots now. Those Japanese grill places are everywhere. And if you like crowds, they’ve got that too. That’s why I’m usually strolling around 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th–any street besides St. Mark’s. There is the cool sake store on 9th Street, and Itzocan too. Tenth Street can be hit or miss though, which brings me to the subject of this post.

I like Curry-Ya. The restaurant is incredibly small, and I’m not quite sure how they can function with a full staff behind the counter, but I guess it’s not my problem. I wouldn’t recommend coming here when you’re in a rush either. Maybe it’s the new-restaurant thing, but the service is strangely slow. But don’t worry yourself about any of that, because the curry is worth a try.

If you enjoy cooking, you might leave thinking, “I could do that at home.” Yes, I’ve made panko shrimp myself and served it with some Tonkatsu sauce with great success. But it’s obviously about the curry here at Curry-Ya. See the pot in the back? You’re going to want to eat every drop. More rice please! I imagine this would be really satisfying come winter. And don’t skip the toppings like raisins, dried onions, and pickled ginger. Pour them all on top of your curry before you start eating.

The chilled chai was very good too. As for the new off-shoot of a certain acclaimed dessert spot on the same block, just keep walking. Head for a deli, buy some milk and chocolate, go home, and make a huge batch of pudding yourself. Not only will it taste just as good and probably even better, but you’ll be able to serve yourself and three friends for less money.

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