Brit meringues

Strolling around London I noticed Smart Cars everywhere I went. I’m seeing them occasionally in NYC too, but the U.K. is way ahead of us with respect to eco-smart automobiles. Americans could really learn a lesson. But about the food, this was my first day in London, and I hadn’t eaten anything yet. One of the first yummy things I spotted was in the window of a shop called The Grocer on Kings, as in Kings Street, not too far from South Kensington station.

I wouldn’t call it a bakery as much as a “gourmet” shop. They had these massive meringues in the window… I mean huge. I’d almost forgotten about them until yesterday when I was editing a meringue recipe in a book I’m working on with Dede Wilson (check out her cool new blog here). Look out for the book, Unforgettable Desserts, in Fall 2009.

I walked a few blocks, found a pretty spot to sit down, and took a bite. That’s when things got really good. Look at those chocolatey swirls inside. Most meringues are crispy all the way through, but this was actually gooey in the middle. And you probably don’t get a sense of the scale, but this thing was so huge, I couldn’t even finish it.

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