shiitake time

This post is only vaguely related to anything Korean, because I bought the shiitake mushrooms at my new favorite market, H Mart. I’ve noticed that Asian markets tend to have shiitakes for a bit cheaper than regular markets. I’m not so sure why that is, but I like a bargain, so I’m not worrying about it. I sauteed about 3/4 pound of shiitakes in some garlic and olive oil, tossed them with pasta, and topped it with a little grated cheese. Which brings me to another topic. Yes, I use one of those awesome Microplane graters. But what about when you’re using a recipe written before Microplane graters became so popular? A 1/2 cup of grated cheese with a regular grater is going be a lot more cheese, in terms of weight, because the Microplane graters give you a very light-and-fluffy cheese. My advice — add grated cheese to taste, whenever possible. If you’re adding the cheese to something raw like a casserole or souffle, I’d consider doubling the cup measure.

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