butter w/milk bun

That doesn’t look like butter, milk, or a bun. I was walking up East Broadway, deep into Chinatown, in that area where you probably never go. My quest was to find a dumpling place that a friend told me about. I found it, but more about that next time. I spotted a vendor selling live shellfish, and took a snapshot of these. They’re sort of like shrimp, but in all honesty, I’m not sure what they were. They were alive and moving.

This part of town has a lot of bakeries. It’s a little weird, because I wouldn’t say the Chinese are known for their great desserts. I pass most of the bakeries by without a second look, but Sun Light Bakery at the corner of East Broadway and Rutgers caught my eye. It looks like they haven’t renovated the place in 30 or 40 years. I like that.

I was amazed by the prices. Yes, that says 80 cents. And the names were even more intriguing. “Butter w/milk bun.” What the heck is that? Yes, I’ll take one to go… no bag necessary because I’m going to eat it right now.

And there it is. It was hard to photograph, partly because it was so huge. That’s a lot of dessert for 80 cents. But what about the taste? It’s sort of like heaven, but lighter and sweeter.

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