the other shoots

I already wrote about my shoot with Mark Peel last week. I was also working about four blocks away on shoots for two books with Jason Wyche. The first was for another book I’m doing with Helen Chen, this time about Asian noodles. The other was for a cocktail shoot, but I want to keep the exact subject matter a secret for now. This is just a snapshot, not Jason’s photo, but I thought it was still pretty cool.

That’s just about half of the props that Leslie Siegel got for the shoot. The glasses were beautiful. There were endless surface and background options, but we shot a lot of drinks straight on a smooth, shiny, white surface, for a cool, spa-like feel to the photos.

There is Jason behind the camera, with Alison Attenborough doing the styling. Actually, Jamie Kimm did the styling for the first four days of shooting, but Alison had to step in to take his place on the last day.

Overall it was a great shoot. You can get a sense of it from this snapshot of the thumbnails, but like I said, I don’t want to let out too much information about this project just yet.

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