new york hotdog pt. 2

After passing by New York Hotdog & Coffee a few times on the way to that photoshoot last week, I knew I’d end up back on Bleecker Street over the weekend to give it a try. Yes, I already tried it at that crazy Korean festival in Queens, but that only got me curious to visit the real shop. First off, the place is pretty slick. Cool is a matter of opinion, but you can’t argue that this place isn’t very modern. The staff is super nice. And they have “meal specials” that come with frozen yogurt for dessert. No, really, another spot offering frozen yogurt.

You can choose between bulgogi topping or dak-kalbi topping. A chicken hot dog with chicken on top sounds weird to me, so I went for the beef hot dog with beef on top (bulgogi). The hot dog itself is fantastic. Forget about those crappy Papaya joints or the dogs I’ve tried just about anywhere else in Manhattan. But it’s all about the topping, and this place delivers. I hope it lasts. Their rent on Bleecker Street must be insane, and it wasn’t that busy inside on this particular afternoon. Maybe it’s the “coffee” part that is throwing people off. It deserves a long life, so I’ll try to support it. Frankly though, if they opened up on St. Mark’s, with the huge Korean and Japanese population there, it would be insanely popular. The tourists on Bleecker Street don’t have a clue.

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