f.i.t. korean

I’m on a shoot this week with Alexandra Grablewski and Brian Preston-Campbell, but I forgot to bring my camera along yesterday to take some snapshots, so I’ll write about one of those other shoots again. Well, not about the shoots exactly, but the nearby Korean take-out joint. I was running back and forth between the two shoots, and along the way is Kofoo, a closet-sized Korean place with this adorable sign outside.

Kofoo is practically located on the F.I.T. campus, so it seemed to be busy with students running in for a quick bite. They’ve got 3 or 4 seats for dining in, tops, so mostly everybody is getting food to go. That’s what I did. Two rolls and bulgogi for $20. By all Korean standards, that’s a bargain.

This is the food back home. (The soju was my own doing.) The kimbop (kimbap, kimbob, etc.) rolls were just about the best I’ve tried, and the bulgogi was fantastic. It’s a bit sweet, and I can’t say if that’s traditional or not, but if you think Korean food can only be blazingly spicy, then I suggest you try Kofoo. If you’re on a budget and feeling really hungry, all the better.

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