a whole lot of cake

There is something a little scary about leftovers at photoshoots, especially cakes. Sure, when these were fresh, I could hardly stop myself from tasting everything. After four or five hours, everything starts to look a little daunting. We put some of these to good use, sharing with friends and such. I took a half cake home myself.

About the shoot, it was for a book with Dede Wilson coming out in 2009. This is just a snapshot, not one of the real photos by Alexandra Grablewski. You’ll have to wait to see her amazing shots.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Alexandra isn’t a big fan of people taking her photo while she’s working, so just don’t tell her about this shot. What, you told her and now she’s reading this? Okay, hi Alex. Thanks for doing such a great job on the shoot. I know it was a tough one.

Here is another snapshot, not one of the real photos. But these treats look so yummy, you almost can’t take a bad photo of them. Brian Preston-Campbell gets the credit for the food styling. If Brian will ever talk to me again after this shoot, I’ll be curious to know what he thinks of the book when it’s all done. In the meanwhile, you can check out his great styling in a brand-new book, Great Party Fondues by Peggy Fallon.

Brian is a little less sensitive about it when I take pictures of him working. Well, I’m not sure about that, but at least I told him I was going to post a picture of him from the shoot. And thanks again, Brian. You really went the extra mile to make this shoot great.

Hey, that’s not dessert. One of the days we got lunch from Bruschetteria on Rivington. It might not look like much, but this portobello sandwich was really good. I might have to stop in and dine there some day.

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