more about curry

I’m not sure what was so special about my post yesterday, talking about Minca and Kambi, but a lot more people read my blog than usual. We’re talking at least five times as many blog views as I usually get. I guess people are really interested in Japanese ramen, so I’m sticking with that cuisine for now. I wrote about Curry-Ya not too long ago. Then I talked with photographer Jason Wyche about it, and we agreed that while the food is good, the servings aren’t very generous. He told me I could buy a curry mix in any one of the Japanese markets in the East Village and make it myself. As if that wasn’t good enough, he bought me a package of the curry mix (thank goodness because I would have had an impossible time picking that out — see above pic), and his wife, Mika, even wrote directions for me on how to cook with it. I improvised a bit on the method, making a shrimp & potato curry. Here’s how it went…

I guess I could have gone really crazy and coated the shrimp in panko crumbs and deep-fried it instead, but it was probably a lot healthier this way. And tasty too. Plus, I’ve got enough leftovers for tomorrow night. Making Japanese curry at home is the way to go. Thanks again, Jason and Mika.

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