speaking of hot…

It’s an easier trip to Jersey City than you might think. In fact, it’s probably easier getting out here than to Jackson Heights. More important, the food might be better here. Mind you, I wasn’t always a fan of the Indian strip on Newark Avenue, but I found Sapthagiri by accident one hot night over the summer. It’s all vegetarian, so I stopped in. The place is always packed, so apparently the good food is no secret. I’ve never seen another white person there, and for me, that’s a good sign. And the prices are more than fair.

If you’re indecisive like me (wait, I’m not indecisive at all), then try the appetizer sampler. You get idli, vada, samosa, and more, with a bunch of dipping sauces. The veggie curries are all great too, some of the best I’ve tried anywhere, and probably better than anything you can get in Manhattan.

The real test for me is the dosa, and Sapthagiri really delivers. Mind you, when they say spicy here, they mean it. Make sure you have a lot of water close at hand. Even better, order a mango lassi. The first time I was there, the kind waitstaff took pity on my overheated palate and gave me a free sample of the lassi, so I can testify that it’s top notch and very cooling. And if you’ve never taken the Path train out to Journal Square before, give me a call and I’ll show you around.

One thought on “speaking of hot…

  1. Glad you realized how easy it is to get to Jersey City. You should check out the Taqueria on Grove Street, right near where I live. Very, very, good tacos (pork, beef, cactus, fish, chorizo) and some real authentic mexican comfort food. Made by a Mexican couple. I’d be happy to show you the place. Very nice blog! I started on in Spanish for my friends from Spain because Spaniards come to NY and have no idea there is good food here. It’s frustrating and I hope to put a small dent in their misconceptions … Robert.

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