cual es superior?

I’ve think I’ve written about Pinche Taqueria before, but I visited the new location at Bleecker and Lafayette this weekend. Of course it was great, so I won’t go on and on about it. Just two words… yuca fries.

Later that night I was driving to Studio B where I saw WhoMadeWho live. (They put on a great show.) On the way I spotted La Superior on Berry Street and remembered reading about it on the NY mag site. So I figured why not make it an all tacos weekend and headed to Williamsburg today for lunch. “La Superior” is a bold name, to say the least. I don’t really want to make a side-by-side comparison to Pinche, but I can’t help it.

The first things you’ll notice at Superior is that they have real table service, very cheap prices, and fresh-made guacamole. I need their recipe, because when I make guac at home myself, it’s no where near as good as theirs. Now don’t get too excited about the prices — the tacos are tiny. I’m not complaining, but three per person is a minimum here. Still, at just $2.50/each, you can order a bunch like we did.

There you have the carne asada, carnitas, and fish (grilled, not fried like at Pinche).

And here you have the rajas (peppers), hongos (mushrooms), and conchita pobil (slow-cooked pork). As you can tell from the pics, these tacos are minimal, not just in size, but in toppings. That’s not really a problem, but some of the tacos are much better with a squeeze of lime or a little of the green salsa. Others are pretty amazing just the way they are. The slow-cooked pork (the one with the red onions on top) for example is a flavor explosion and a must-try. Seriously, go there now and order two or three. I loved the rajas as well. I’d probably skip the mushrooms next time, but then again, it was a nice balance to the meal to have some strongly flavored tacos and some less so. In the end, I’m not declaring any winners in the taco wars. If I lived in Williamsburg, I’d be at La Superior all the time, but with Pinche’s two convenient, downtown Manhattan locations, I’m pretty much all set.

2 thoughts on “cual es superior?

  1. It does look good. I think I need to try beyond just the tacos, and maybe find out what that place is in bushwick. I will admit I am not the most expert in mexican food but that gordita that i tried was fantastic.

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