helen knows noodles

Helen Chen, that is. I’ve been cooking recipes from an early manuscript for a book I’m doing with Helen. It’s all noodles recipes, and since I’m a certified noodle and pasta addict, this book is right up my alley. The interesting thing about Helen’s recipes is that they look really simple. In fact, they look too simple, and you might wonder how tasty the dishes are going to turn out. The good news is that the recipes may be easy, but the flavors are really exciting. I could eat her Noodles with Bean Curd Sauce every week. I tried taking another sequence of shots, to show you how the cooking went, step-by-step. After the first few shots, I was reminded that taking photos while stir-frying is nearly impossible, because things move too fast. So this sequence starts off well and then skips a few steps to the finished dish:

I guess this post is a tease, because the cookbook won’t be out for over a year. I’m working with Helen on a stir-fry book too, but that’s not due out until April. So just sit tight, check back here for an announcement when the book comes out, and email me if you really want the bean curd sauce recipe.

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