more re: Japanese curry

I’d love to leave the brownie pic at the top of my blog forever, but I’ve been a blog slacker lately, and I really need to catch up. For example, I made the hot version of that Japanese curry the other day. (Thanks again to Mika and Jason, particularly for writing “hot” on the package for me.) As Jason warned me, it wasn’t really all that hot, because Japanese food isn’t very spicy in general. But it was very tasty, served alongside some hot rice.

So I headed to Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ to pick up some more of the curry. Yikes, it’s $6.99 per package. It might even be pricier in the Japanese markets in the East Village. Well, it’s good quality food and it goes a long way if you add a pound or two of meat, shrimp, tofu, etc., so I guess it’s a decent value. Still, I was a little bit surprised by the price. Now I really owe Jason and Mika thanks for buying me a couple of packages of it.

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