speaking of mitsuwa

I was able to visit Mitsuwa in Edgewater, New Jersey on a weekday for a change, so I could skip the crowds. If you’ve been there on a weekend lately, then you know you could spend 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot, because the lot is always filled to capacity. My former assistant Christina suggested parking down the road at the Trader Joe’s parking lot and walking back. Good idea. Anyway, they’ve got a lot of great lunch options at Mitsuwa, at great prices too. If you’ve never been to Mitsuwa, it’s worth a trip out to Jersey. In addition to the food stalls and massive Japanese food market, they’ve got a Japanese bookstore with a lot of cool magazines, and a few other shops for tableware, toys, and more.

All of the food stands have displays sort of like this, with the food somehow preserved for you to look at. I’ve always been mystified by this process? Do they somehow coat a plate of food in shellac? It definitely helps non-Japanese-speaking customers with the ordering.

And then there is dessert. I like watching them make the Taiyaki (my favorite) and Creamyaki (my girlfriend’s favorite). Biting the head off the fish is part of the fun.

And then there is the food market itself, where you can buy just about anything Japanese you can possibly imagine. I picked up some of that curry mix, some yummy looking ramen noodles, panko bread crumbs, tonkatsu sauce, and of course a little Pocky.

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