happy cows

When you visit Dogmatic on 17th Street near Union Square Park, you have to stop for a moment to look closely at the mural on the wall. The message here seems to be that free-range cows (and pigs and sheep) are happy to be turned into your food. I’m not sure if that’s true, but Dogmatic is worth a try for a few reasons. First, it’s pretty cool inside. Okay, so maybe it’s not your idea of cool, but I personally like the hyper-modern scene. Second, they have awesome toppings like truffle-gruyere, chimichurri, and mint yogurt. If they even offer ketchup, I didn’t notice. They also have cool house-made sodas in flavors like coconut, grape, and ginger.

About the hot dogs, be sure to hang out at the counter and watch how they’re put together. They start with a long, thin, hard baguette, cut in half. Then they have these hot metal spikes that stand up erect over by the grill. They plunge a roll down on one of the spikes to make a hole inside and warm up the bread. Depending on how you see the world, it’s a little bit perverse. The grilled hot dog is then dropped inside the bun, and it’s filled with the sauce. If you order the truffle-gruyere, you can expect the hot cheese to come dripping out with every bite. Again, this is all a little twisted. I’ll most likely go back.

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