major dumplings

I wouldn’t call it a rut, but whenever I go to Palisades Park, NJ for Korean food, I end up in the same restaurant. In fact it’s become a running joke with my girlfriend that we only drive to Pal Park when it’s raining out — those hot tofu soups are so satisfying when there is a chill in the air. This past weekend, we forced ourselves to branch out. We chose a restaurant on Broad Avenue that we knew nothing about. I’m not even sure the name of it, because the sign out front says Gamnamoogol, but I can’t find it in any Web searches. Overall, I’d say the food was quite good, but it’s the dumplings that were new to me. You probably can’t judge the size of these from a little photo, but they’re massive. How the heck do you pick one up, let alone eat them?

Because they were so huge, all we could do was break them up with our spoons and pick away. They were packed with some kind of mystery meat filling. I’ve gone out for Korean mandoo plenty of times and never seen anything like this before. A plate of these dumplings is basically a meal.

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