more burbs… this time pizza

Speaking of the suburbs, I ended up at a Trader Joe’s last week. Yeah, I know they have one on 14th Street, but I avoid it the same way I avoid the nearby Whole Foods nightmare. Plus, I could tell you some pretty scary stories about food I’ve bought at TJ’s that was completely spoiled and moldy after one day, or stale the moment I opened the bag. So after years of avoidance, there I was in one of their markets last week, trying to figure who the heck is buying all of those dried blueberries. Then I spotted some pre-made dough balls, for making pizza at home. At about $1 each, how bad could it be? I even picked up some fancy-schmancy chicken sausage. I baked it up with some fontina cheese and black olives, and I have to admit, it turned out pretty darned good. P.S. Yes, I used to own a pizza stone, but c’mon, who has time to heat those things up?

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