sake heaven

One of many great things about New York City is that the population is big enough to support all kinds of specialty shops. We have bookstores that only sell cookbooks or mystery novels, and bakeries that only sell vegan treats, and restaurants that only sell grilled cheese sandwiches (oh wait, that place closed, damn!). And as luck would have it, as I rushed to a friend’s apartment for a home-cooked Japanese meal last Saturday at 7:50pm (more to come about this), we have a shop, Sakaya, on East 9th Street that only sells Japanese sake. Despite my arrival 10 minutes before closing, the husband-and-wife owners were there. I explained to them what I needed, and they gave me some great suggestions, with really thoughtful explanations about what I could expect. My sake knowledge is pathetic, so this was a big help.

I ended up buying this bottle. Besides the fact that it matched perfectly with the food, I have to say that I didn’t know sake could even be this good. After chilling it a bit, the wine had a delightful but subtle fruity note to it. If you’re in need of a really fine bottle of sake, I strongly recommend this one, but I’d even more strongly recommend you visit Sakaya for yourself and chat with the owners before you make a purchase.

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