cheap eats coming soon

With the way the economy has been looking lately, this cookbook sounds pretty interesting. The bad news is that Eat Cheap but Eat Well by Charles Mattocks (aka, The Poor Chef) isn’t due out until April. The good news is that I got to taste test some of the recipes at the photoshoot.

Leslie Siegel did the props, and as always, we made good use of them. Thanks, Leslie, especially for the snacks from Japan.

And Brian Preston-Campbell did the food styling, despite his 5am (not business-related) wake-up on the first morning of shooting. I mentioned to Brian that this was the first time we’d shot a “regular” cookbook together. Our other book projects have been fondue, dips, ice cream, desserts… not normal food. It comes as no surprise that he can work his same magic with pulled pork too. These shots, by the way, are taken by me. To see the real photos taken by Jason Wyche, you’ll have to wait until the book is published. I have a sneaky feeling Jason’s photos will put mine to shame. (Have fun in Ethiopia, Jason — I’m insanely jealous.)

There are Jason and Brian at work on set. Brian is probably thinking, “You really want me to move this thing?” And Jason is probably thinking, “What is this thing?”

And that’s the subject of this post, that crazy pink dessert up top. It’s a “cake” made by spreading a mixture of Cool Whip and raspberries on some of the crackers, spreading jam on the others, and then layering the whole thing together. It’s frosted with some more of the Cool Whip mixture. The graham crackers soften up, so you can cut through it. It’s a fun (and affordable) idea, and as Brian put it, it’s very girlie. (I agree, Brian.)

This is a rambling post, so why not continue? I’ve lived in or around NYC my whole life, but views like this from the windows of Some Studio on West 28th Street are still amazing to me.

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