slacker’s catch-up post

Books may not be selling well this holiday season, but I’m busier than ever with little time for posting, so I have to catch up a little. First of all, I am officially addicted to that Japanese curry. And like most stew-type things, it’s even better the next day.

Speaking of addictive, these chocolate truffles come to mind. When I was on a shoot with Brian Preston-Campbell last week, his assistant opened a box of these treats one day, so everyone on set could have a taste. Then, much to my amazement, she brought a box for each of us to take home. (Why can’t all food styling assistants do this kind of thing?) The truffles literally melt in your mouth. Highly recommended. (And thank you to Brian’s assistant — sorry I’m bad with names. If Brian sees this, maybe he’ll post her name.)

Speaking of sweets, did I tell you about the pumpkin cheesecake I made for Thanksgiving? The thing is, I’ve never liked pumpkin pie, ever since I can remember. My mom is a great home baker, and I know I was spoiled as a kid. But just the smell of pumpkin pie was always enough to turn my stomach. So I mentioned to a few friends and colleagues that I was looking for a pumpkin cheesecake recipe to try, and I found one in this great book by Lauren Chattman. (See David, I do promote some books I didn’t actually edit myself.) If you’re a baking master, don’t tell me what I could have done to avoid the cracks in my cheesecake. It tasted great, and that’s all I care about. The crust is made from gingersnap cookies, by the way, and it’s reason alone to try the recipe yourself.

Speaking of Thanksgiving (and orange food), I’ve been dying to make that sweet potato soup from The Glory of Southern Cooking again. Today was the day. Much to my amazement though, I realized that I left the molasses out of it the first time I made it. A very odd omission. I have a profound aversion to molasses, so maybe it was a subconscious decision. In any case, I made it with the molasses this time, and this great soup may have actually gotten better. I’m not sure what the photo above has to do with molasses, except that I snapped it today while making the soup and thought it looked cool.

Speaking of appearances and James Villas, it turns out that Jim didn’t know I had a blog until last week (even though I write about his books all the time) and he didn’t approve of my profile pic. He says it makes me look, what was it… demented or delerious? I forget which, but I think he means “not good.” By the time you read this, I may have already changed the pic, so this one is just for old-times sake. I’m going for “dapper” with the new pic. I hope Jim approves. The things I do for my authors…

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