more fried shrimp

Speaking of fried shrimp, here’s an even better way to go. Yes, it’s going to smell up your kitchen, but making panko shrimp at home is pretty easy, and it tastes great. You can get panko-style bread crumbs anywhere these days too. For me, the trick isn’t really about the frying, but see the below video for a taste of that. It’s about the tonkatsu sauce. I’ve only seen it for sale in Japanese markets, but it’s really worth it. Soy sauce, black bean sauce, oyster sauce, chili sauce… all nice, but they’re not the same thing. So spend a little time searching for the tonkatsu.

The frying isn’t so bad. You coat the peeled shrimp in flour, then dip it in beaten egg with a little water, and then coat it well in the panko. Fry the shrimp without crowding in the pan in a couple of inches of very hot vegetable oil. Adjust the cooking time, depending on how hot your oil is, but it’s tough to go wrong. Golden brown to medium-dark brown shrimp is good. I serve mine over rice.

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