so long, 2008

With Bush on the way out, I’m very happy to be saying good-bye to 2008. On the other hand, I blogged all year long, and it was a pretty cool year. So for my first 2009 post, here’s my official recap. I ate a lot of Korean food; Fish Forever won the IACP Award for Cookbook of the Year (holy cow!); I got back in touch with some old-friends; I made a lot of new friends; I ate okonomiyaki three times; I did a lot of shooting with Alexandra, Jason, Brian, Jamie, Leslie, and Lucy; I remained employed; I signed up (and subsequently edited) a book with Ellie Krieger; Bruce and Mark’s Cooking Know-How got a starred review in PW; I baked and baked and baked from The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread; I met Sam Talbot, Spike Mendelsohn, and Michael Kors; I got to see Devyn play her bass for a crowd (twice); I visited London and tried the best noodles of my life; I tried the best dumplings of my life back home in NYC; I finally did a new book with CPK; Sam the Cooking Guy kept me laughing all year long; I only moved apartments once; I tried rock climbing; I ate a lot of oysters and crawfish down in New Orleans; I dined at Radius before Patrick moved down to NYC; I got a fondue pot and a new Microplane grater for Christmas; I tried Joanne’s sticky buns; I discovered H-Mart; I really enjoyed Scarpetta; I got a new camera for taking pictures of all that food; I became a huge fan of soju; I discovered walnut cake guy; I ate way too much ramen; I didn’t eat enough tacos; I adored Wall-E; I published a fourth 101 cocktail book with Kim; I hit the beach a few times with my sweetie; and I saw Bret & Jemaine buying pupusas in Brooklyn. Thanks to all of my other authors, who I may not have mentioned above. Fingers crossed for more success in 2009.

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