eggs with my tofu

Back home to NYC now, I’ve had plenty of Asian dishes that came with eggs, but usually that means little slivers for garnish. The other night was the first time I was served a noodle dish with a whole fried egg on the side, and now I’m a fan. The place is Kurve, a relatively new and very hip spot on 2nd Avenue in the East Village. The word definitely hasn’t gotten out about Kurve, because it was really empty on Saturday night, and that’s a shame. For starters, it’s very stylish inside and a good place to bring a date. Add to that they have cool music playing and the staff is super nice. They’re trying to promote themselves as a late-night spot (open til 4am on the weekends!), so maybe it gets crowded after normal dinner hours. In fact, the cocktail menu is fantastic (no vodka drinks in site, whatsoever), so that makes some sense to me. But the real hook is the house-made tofu. Normally I’d dismiss that as a scam, but I have to say that the tofu was really light and fresh, like almost nothing I’ve tried before. It reminded me of the first time I tried fresh mozzarella cheese, after a childhood of eating the hard stuff. Yes, the menu is a little pricey for the neighborhood, but it’s really good food and, like I said, bring someone special here.

Definitely order the yucca fries too. I know you’re thinking that no Asian-themed restaurant (Thai mostly) should be serving yucca fries, but they’re a treat. And absolutely save room for dessert, because Pichet Ong did the menu. In fact, it’s almost worth coming to Kurve just for desserts if you’re a fan of his creations.

2 thoughts on “eggs with my tofu

  1. If you’re fan of the fried egg with your Asian dish, then you’ll love nasi goreng, an Indonesian/Malaysian fried rice dish, usually served with a fried egg on top. The egg should be cooked just a touch more than over easy, so that the yolk drips over the rice when it’s broken into. Mmmm……

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