those amazing noodles

In my 2008 recap I casually mentioned that I’d tried the best noodle dish of my life in London over the summer, and I guess I can’t let that sneak by. I’m pretty spoiled by Asian food offerings here in NYC, so that’s no small claim. I’ve got a lot of favorites here, and my standards are high. That’s why Cha Cha Moon came as such as surprise. I was in the Carnaby Street shopping area (cool!) and almost missed the entrance to Kingly Court.

Good thing I didn’t miss it, because it was packed with cute, little shops. But a cheap lunch was my #1 priority, and Cha Cha Moon definitely delivered in that department. Add to that the decor was very slick, with open walls to the outdoors to enjoy the perfect weather that day, and communal seating at long tables. What about the noodles?

This probably looks to you like a pretty generic tofu dish with some kind of bean sauce poured all over it. That’s actually not far off base, but it was unbelievably tasty. I mean take-your-breath-away tasty… spicy, sweet, salty, and satisfying, with great texture to the noodles and perfectly-textured tofu. Now what I’m going to say might sound hard to believe, but the best noodles I’ve tried since then have all been recipes I’ve been testing from a book I’m working on with Helen Chen. Unfortunately, that book won’t be out for about a year, but the good news is that another book I’m doing with Helen will be out a lot sooner. In fact, you can already preorder it on Amazon.

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