jewish pancakes

I’ve written about Japanese pancakes and Korean pancakes, but I almost forgot about the Jewish ones… aka latkes. December tis the season for frying, and these really hit the spot. I’ve tried a lot of recipes over the years by authors such as Mitchell Davis, Mark Strausman, and Mark Bittman, and I think my technique now is a sort of hybrid. One thing I know for sure is that it helps a lot to spread the grated potatoes out on a kitchen towel and then to wrap them up and squeeze a bit to absorb some of the moisture. Otherwise you get really soggy pancakes that don’t fry properly.

There isn’t a lot of technique to it, so I’ll just let you enjoy this frying video. I serve mine with both sour cream and unsweetened apple sauce, of course.

One thought on “jewish pancakes

  1. Mitchell Davis and Mark Bittman do do offer great latke recipes. This past Hannukah, I tried a recipe from Jayne Cohen’s new cookbook, Jewish Holiday Cooking, and think this will be my go-to recipe from now on. After grating the potato and onion, she purees half the mixture which produces a really nice, balanced texture. It’s really simple, but really good. She must have 15 latke variations in her book, so far the classic is my favorite – with apple sauce and sour cream, of course!

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