Ellie week

I just made the Fettuccine with Creamy Red Pepper Sauce from The Food You Crave for dinner, so it seems appropriate for me to be writing about the photoshoot for Ellie Krieger’s next cookbook. I spent last week on set, and most of that time was focused on food photography. I took these snapshots of the food with my own camera. To see the real pics by photographer Alexandra Grablewski, you’ll have to wait until the book is published.

Snapshots or not, the food looks really yummy. I guess that’s the secret to Ellie’s success — her recipes don’t leave you feeling deprived. After all the taste-testing last week, I guess I’m a bit of an expert now. The other nice thing about her recipes, as Ellie likes to say, is that they’re “so easy.” Here is a behind-the-scenes look at how things went.

There is Ellie in the middle, consulting with photographer Alexandra Grablewski and food stylist Mariana Velasquez. They’re taking one last look at one of the breakfast dishes to make sure everything is perfect.

It’s easy to forget about some of the hard work that goes into making beautiful food photography. The props always come first. Here is a sampling of what stylist Lynda White got for the shoot. It was my first time working with Lynda, and hopefully it won’t be my last.

And there is food stylist Mariana Velasquez again (on the right), with her assistant, Paige McCurdy-Flynn. They both worked tirelessly all week long and we managed to shoot even more dishes than expected. This was my first job working with Mariana as the head food stylist, and again, hopefully it won’t be my last.

We spent the morning of the last day photographing Ellie for the cover of the book. We had another great team for that. Nicole Gulotta (on the right) handled the wardrobe styling along with her assistant on the far left. And that’s make-up stylist Kelley Quan from Kramer + Kramer in the middle, doing a touch-up on Ellie. Nicole and Kelley are real professionals, and I’m glad they were there to make my job so easy.

Fortunately art director Suzanne Sunwoo (on the left) remembered to ask Ellie if we could take a photo together when the cover shoot was all done. That’s me on the right, of course, looking happy and relieved that it all went so well. I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot more about Ellie Krieger’s next cookbook in the months to come.

6 thoughts on “Ellie week

  1. I love Ellie! I used to watch her on Saturdays around 1 (or 1:30) on the Food Channel. She was such a breath air compare to the other ladies on that channel. The food looks great! Can’t wait to see the final book in stores.

  2. So exciting! I’m looking forward to delving into this book.The Fettuccine with Red Pepper Sauce was one of the first recipes I made from Ellie’s The Food You Crave. Totally satisfied my salt cravings with all of that feta – yum! I think I added broccoli and walnuts, too.

  3. What an exciting post to read! Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting my blog!That pasta dish looks delish, I’m such a fan of Ellie’s recipes, lots of flavor, ease and health benefits!!

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