more chinatown noodle soup

With the economy looking the way it is, I’m making it my mission in life to find the best cheap eats in Chinatown. A little Web searching turned me onto Super Taste, but apparently this place is no secret, because it was jam-packed on Sunday afternoon. Don’t let that keep you away. Everything I read about Super Taste made reference to their “knife-cut” noodles, as opposed the the hand-pulled variety I’ve been getting a lot of lately. I was a bit confused though, because nothing on the short menu made any reference to knife-cut noodles. Don’t let that keep you away either. I opted for the seafood soup. Maybe you can’t tell from the photo, but the portions are really generous with lots of noodles, almost the opposite of Food Sing 88. But it shouldn’t be all about quantity, should it? This is where things got tricky. First bite? Nice noodles, great texture, broth okay.

Add a little chile oil or Sriracha sauce and keep eating. Once I got past the seafood, down to the noodles and broth, things got really good. I can’t quite explain it, but this soup got better with every slurp. By the end, I was in love. I guess the trick is to stir things up before you start eating, but the bowl is so full to begin with, that’s not easy. So the rule at Super Taste is to not give up. With a little patience, you’re in for a fantastic bowl of noodles. For now, this is my go-to place for when hunger strikes.

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