C-town dumplings, again

Remember when I said how filling the soup was at Super Taste? I wasn’t lying, the soup was really satisfying, but I did save room for dumplings. I wandered over to the relatively new C&L Dumplings (hey, it was a really nice day out) and ordered up a plate of fried pork & chive, and a serving of the boiled pork & bok choy.

First the good news: the prices are great, the servings are generous, the fillings are tasty, the dumpling skins are thick and chewy, the decor is far better than average in Chinatown, there are no lines, and the counter staff is quite friendly. And the bad news? Just teasing, there is none. I’m not saying I like these dumplings more than my all-time faves over at Lam Zhou, but C&L is as good as any others I’ve tried. And if you actually prefer the thicker dumpling skins, then this place might rank really high on your list after you give it a try. Only 37 more dumpling places to try…

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