If you’re thinking that these treats look delicious, then you’re with me. If you’re thinking they look allergy-free (aka, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and egg-free), then you must be crazy! I was on set most of last week for a cookbook with Elizabeth Gordon, founder of Betsy & Claude. This post is a tease of course, because her book won’t be out for another year, but you can order some of her cookies right now if you’re curious.

If you’re a home baker but struggling with any one of a wide variety of dietary restrictions, then this book should be of great interest. Maybe your child has a peanut allergy? This book will have you covered. You were just diagnosed with Celiac Disease? Again, this book will come to the rescue. Check back here in about a year for more info when this book comes out.

Jason Wyche shot the real photography for the book (these are just my personal snapshots), Eric Wolfe did the digital assisting, and Leslie Siegel handled the props. Who gets credit for making the desserts look so fantastic? Brian Preston-Campbell, of course! I’m laying off the photos of Brian this time, but here is a video of him making cool mint patties.

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