flight of the fujianese dumplings

My Saturday night included seeing Kristen Schaal (aka, Mel) from Flight of the Conchords live at Moonwork. Three words about her set — urine stained mattress. Wow. Thanks, Jason, for the tip.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Saturday afternoon was another trip to Chinatown for bargain noodles. This week’s recommendation is thanks to The Girl Who Ate Everything. Once I read about the noodle soup with Fujianese dumplings at Sheng Wang, I knew I had to try them for myself. Like a lot of noodle soups I’ve tried recently though, this one looked a bit modest at first glance.

Stir it all up and add some of the chili oil from the plastic take-out bowls on your table and now it’s looking really good. Not just looking… tasting really good. The dumplings were something new for me, very light, almost translucent skin with a pork filling, and the bowl had at least 10 of them hidden in there. The texture of the noodles was outrageously good.

This guy gets all the credit. He was a little too fast for me to get a good photo, but he was back there making noodles by hand the whole time. It wasn’t so much stretching and pounding like the guy at Lam Zhou as it was stretching and twisting. Go check it out for yourself, because this guy has noodle making down to an art form. By the way, the fish balls are stuffed with meat, and you can get an unbelievable variety of noodle soups here, including mutton.

Don’t even think about skipping the dumplings though. Yes, the soup portions are huge, but you’re going to want to save room to try these, I assure you. I know, I know, you prefer fried dumplings, but among boiled dumplings, these have no equal. The pork filling is remarkably tasty, the noodle texture is just right (not too heavy, not too light), and it’s a crazy bargain for a huge plateful for about three bucks. I’d go back here for either the noodles or the dumplings, but once I walk in the door again, it will be almost impossible to resist ordering both. Plus, three people can eat like kings for $12.

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