cashew heaven

I stashed some cashews in the freezer back around the holidays, figuring one day I’d be ready to try the cashew bars recipe from The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread. Today was that day. I’d say it’s a recipe you can whip up on short notice, but the cooling time is long. The gooey topping takes a while to set, so don’t rush it. The results, if you can’t tell from the photo above, are quite spectacular. And if you’re a nut-lover, then they’re a must try.

The crust is super easy — flour, sugar, butter, salt, whipped up in a food processor. The topping is fun to make, because you start with butterscotch chips, which I always seem to have on hand. You add corn syrup, butter, and a bit of sugar and salt, and melt it all together.

When the topping is ready, you mix in 2 cups of cashews, and then pour it over the crust layer. The bake time is quick, less than 15 minutes. Again, be patient with the cooling. Okay, try one while it’s still hot, but it will be messy. Cut up the rest when everything is cooled down and invite over some friends, because this recipe makes a big batch.

One thought on “cashew heaven

  1. Those look awesome – I’ve been meaning to try that recipe! I’m planning on making coffee crunch bars from the latest Bon Appetit – if everything goes according to plan, you’ll get to taste them : )

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