tasty noodles

NYC got hit pretty hard with snow, so I’m home all day today, but over the weekend I managed to try yet another hand-pulled noodle joint in Chinatown. I think it’s becoming a bit of a running joke now, as these new spots keep popping up. Yes, some of the restaurants have been around for quite some time, but Tasty Noodles opened just a week ago, I’m told. About the location, it’s on tiny Doyers Street, the curved block that goes from Bowery to Pell. I’d never walked down that block before, but now I feel kind of silly thinking about it. The restaurant of my dreams could have been down that block. Since this new restaurant is #1 Doyers, you won’t actually have to venture very far off Bowery to find it.

A name like Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles is a lot to live up to. And I don’t think they disappoint. The prices are cheap, and the portions are ample. (Some dumplings might have hit the spot, but I didn’t notice any on the menu.) They offer dry noodles, but nobody in there was trying anything but the soups. So yes, the noodles were tasty. I might even be inclined to take someone from out of town here, if I didn’t think they were up for a journey down East Broadway. Tasty Noodles is a bit cleaner than most similar places, and that’s never a bad thing. Still, it’s just steps from Food Sing 88, a winner in my book.

So what do I really think? The hand-made noodles (you can see the guy stretching them in the back) are nicely textured, but maybe a bit thin and light for me. The broth is good, not too thin and not too strong. They’re very heavy handed with cilantro (fresh coriander). Add a little vinegar and some of the “house-made chili oil” and you’re set. Basically, I have no complaints. I just don’t think I’d go back when I know Super Taste, Sheng Wang, and Food Sing are so close by. This post makes me think I need a recap of all of the noodle joints, but I’m too busy thinking about where I want to eat next.

3 thoughts on “tasty noodles

  1. I went here on the super snowy day! 🙂 I was sad at the absence of dumplings on the menu, but I became semi-addicted to their chili oil goo, so I might go back just for that.

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