Serious Eats and nice emails

I’m having a good day. First, my thanks go out to Serious Eats. You’re blogging about Kneadlessly Simple all week, and then you post a link to my piece about Tasty Noodle, and my blog views are about ten or twenty times what they usually are. Cool. Then I get a few emails from some people I don’t know who dig my blog. Very cool. What, you read my blog and never thought to email me? Well, go for it. And to those of you who did write to me today, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Serious Eats and nice emails

  1. Oh, wow. Did you edit Kneadlessly Simple, Justin? And thanks for the report on the noodle joint. Haven’t been yet, but Doyers is my favorite street in NYC. Twisty and mysterious—with good food, to boot!

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