weekend eats

This entry is sort of like that guy who wrote about everything he ate for an entire year except this is just what I ate for a weekend, and I only have five accompanying photos, and I probably forgot some stuff. The weekend eats started on Friday night — a late night South Indian-style thali at Sapthagiri in Jersey City. (There is a new veggie spot nearby on Newark Avenue that I want to remember to try next time I’m in the area.) The waiter asked me if the food was too spicy, because I was sniffling by the end. I told him it was spicy but perfect.

The next morning I got some broccoli bread and spinach bread at Pecoraro Bakery, but I didn’t get a photo. It’s too bad because the breads were both stuffed to the limit. It doesn’t get much better than this place. On the way over to some galleries in Chelsea, my girlfriend and I made a stop at Billy’s for cupcakes. A change of pace — we both opted for the carrot cake. Very good. Then today I noticed Ellie has a recipe for a carrot cake cupcake that I want to try soon.

We ate a late lunch at Kofoo by F.I.T. This jap chae with tofu is really yummy, and their prices are tough to beat. It was fun sitting at the window counter watching people walking around in shorts, skirts, t-shirts, etc., because it was so ridiculously nice out. At least for a day, it was like summer.

Late that night we ended up at Kambi. I know, I know, I’m always eating at that place, but it’s so freakin’ good. Really, if you haven’t been there yet because you don’t dig the 14th Street location, you’re missing out. Miso ramen perfection.

On Sunday it was time to go back to Sheng Wang for more of those crazy-good Fujianese dumplings. I was thinking all week about which of the hand-pulled noodle places I’d revisit first, and in the end, Sheng Wang won out. Their boiled dumplings are outrageously good. That night I made a favorite spaghetti dish with zucchini, lemon, pine nuts, and some parmesan cheese from an old Moosewood Collective cookbook. It makes me think of summer. Now the pasta is just a memory, and it’s cold out again. P.S. I read The Road this weekend, and it was kind of amazing.

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