korean obsession

Is it just me, or is the food community becoming a little Korean obsessed? I know, I write about Korean food all the time, but I’m talking about the past month or two. Everywhere I turn, it’s another article about a Korean restaurant opening or how Korean food is going to be the next big thing. Some of the articles suck, like this one in the WSJ the other day. Some are hard to understand, like why the Times feels the need to write about the Korean taco truck in L.A. after the bloggers have already covered the subject thoroughly. And some are a work of art, like the piece in Gourmet magazine last month. Dear Roland Bello, your work is amazing. About that piece, everybody I’ve talked with about it feels the same way I do, that nothing about the styling looks very Korean. Chinese or maybe a little Japanese, but who cares? The photos are stunning. I would pay for prints from that article and frame them to put on my wall. P.S. My food photo above today, in honor of the theme of this post, was taken by Jenny Kim.

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