unicorn dumplings

Jen pointed out the other day that I never write about dim sum. No, I don’t mean dumplings like you get at the noodle shops. I mean the old-school dim sum, some of which are dumplings, and some of which are totally different. I’ve got a place on Pell Street that I go to for dim sum on the cheap. But when I want to go all out, Golden Unicorn is the spot. I’ve been going there for well over a decade, and I assume it’s been there for a lot longer than that. If you’ve never seen it before, don’t feel bad. The entrance is on East Broadway, but you have to take an elevator upstairs. Someone in the lobby tells you which floor to go to, depending on how crowded it gets. I’m not even sure how many floors they have, maybe two or three? If this sounds nothing like any place you’ve ever been to in Chinatown, then you’ve got it right. By Chinatown standards this place is classy, but only in a sort of 70’s-early 80’s kind of way, with its red and gold decor. So here is my photo tribute to the dim sum awesomeness of Golden Unicorn. And sure, it’s a little bit pricier, but you really can’t do any better anywhere when it comes to variety and quality.

6 thoughts on “unicorn dumplings

  1. Hey Justin! This is the first time I’m reading your blog – and I am enjoying it immensely! I just jotted down a bunch of places based on your recommendations. I am posting a comment here on your dim sum post because you highlighted all the dim sum items i love! My favorite dim sum food is shown in your photo of the sticky rice thing with meat inside – do you know what that’s called? I never knew the name of it and I always had to wait for each cart to come and have the woman lift every single dish until I spotted it.

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