chappa what?

If you figured I’m a total food snob who never eats ramen noodles from the package, you’d be very wrong. I do however prefer the ramen noodle packs you can get in actual Asian markets, i.e., H-mart, Mitsuwa, etc. I’d seen Chapagetti around but wasn’t quite brave enough to try it. Jen ate it in Korea (although it’s clearly not a Korean product) and recently decided to bring some over. So what do I think?

First of all, I love the name Chapagetti. The noodles come with a few little packets inside, and you have to add water after you’ve cooked and drained the noodles. So these are a tiny bit more complicated than boiling up a bowl of ramen, but not by much. On the other hand, these needed a little work. I cut up some soft tofu and tossed that in. Some fresh scallions would have been sweet, but I didn’t have any. I added a dash of soy sauce and a good tablespoon of Sriracha. That made them just right. Without the additions, the noodles were kind of smoky, and not in a particularly good way. The extra spice and saltiness countered the smoke. So think of Chapagetti as a launching point, not meant to be eaten as is. By the way, the photo on the package is really misleading.

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