ham ham ham

No time for a proper post today because my computer pretty much died over the weekend and I had to get a new one. Between that and a slight heat crisis (okay, complete heat crisis), I’ve had a weird week so far. And part of the weirdness is being on this all Southern-style pig shoot with Lucy Schaeffer. I took this snapshot of the ham croquettes, and let me assure you, they’re even better tasting than they look. For the record, I had the benefit of professional styling for that shot. More to come about the team and shoot soon.

4 thoughts on “ham ham ham

  1. Wow, those look delicious :DI was looking through your older posts and noticed you like korean food! Me being Korean and all I’m always around korean food (except at school, sadly) and I’m really excited at that article in one of your posts talking about how korean food is the next big thing!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dahan. It’s not just me saying that Korean food is the next big thing. Everything I read seems to be saying the same thing these days. If you didn’t see it yet, check out the cool article in the March issue of Gourmet magazine.

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