post inspired by Topshop

Somebody got me into one of the Topshop pre-opening events this week to do a little shopping. (Sweet.) That got me thinking about my trip to London of course. I noticed a few photos I’d never posted, so let me vent a bit…

Why is candy so much much more awesome in London? Yes, I know of a few shops in the East and West Villages where I can over-pay to get my hands on this stuff.

Places like these are like the future of lunch. They’re like the Gattaca of lunch. (I freakin’ love Gattaca, just FYI.) And they’re everywhere in London. And are Londoners obsessed with prawn sandwiches or what?

Speaking of obsessed, what’s the deal with toffee everything in London? This was a great treat, btw, for the train ride to Heathrow. Can I buy these in the U.S. anywhere?

Is it just me, or do all Chinatowns look pretty much the same?

Ummmm, no comment. Wait, why didn’t I buy this while I had the chance? Must go back to London. I hear the exchange rate is pretty good right now.

6 thoughts on “post inspired by Topshop

  1. Even though this is an older post already, I couldn't help commenting when I saw those toffee waffles.Originally those are a Dutch thing called "stroopwafels". Friends from all over the world always ask me to send them the things, so I'm a bit surprised you can actually get them in the UK.There are quite a few Dutchies who set up store in the US though. You can get those waffles for example at:'m sure there are others as well.

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