japanese/vietnamese weekend

Jen pointed out to me that it was an all Japanese/Vietnamese food weekend. On Friday night we ate at Nha Trang Place in Jersey City (aka, Pho Thanh Haoi or Miss Saigon, depending on who you ask). They’ve got a huge and affordably priced menu, but I almost always order the fried bean curd with mushrooms. This place is definitely worth a trip on the Path train. Then there was the meal at the new Baoguette (yum!). Okay, that’s it for the Vietnamese food.

As for the Japanese food, I just mentioned our trip back to Vivi. And even though Udon West has turned into a “go-to” spot for us, when we want cheap, fast noodles in the East Village, this place deserves a little extra press. I go for the udon soup with the fried veggies and shrimp on top, and it always hits the spot. So there you have it. Okay, so there were some spinach and broccoli breads on Sunday morning, but more about those another other time.

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