rocco pasta

I’m a pasta addict, but I’ve been thinking lately that I need to branch out a little. No, I don’t mean I need to start eating something other than pasta for dinner three nights a week. I mean that I need to start finding some new pasta recipes. Rocco DiSpirito came to the rescue tonite. I was thumbing through Rocco’s Real Life Recipes at work, and his Papparadelle with Portobellos and Pecorino sounded just right. There was no chance I was going to find papparadelle at the local Asian-owned vegetable shop on the way home, so I opted for regular fettuccine instead. The title of the book seems about right. This is the kind of dish you can whip up after a long, hectic day. Slice up a bunch of portobello mushrooms, saute them in olive oil, add garlic… then you cook down some vermouth and butter to make a sauce.

Okay, so I didn’t have vermouth either, but some dry sherry worked just fine. I bet I could have used that marsala I had in the fridge as well — this recipe seems flexible. You finish by tossing the mushroom sauce with the pasta, freshly grated pecorino Romano cheese, and parsley. Adjust for salt and pepper, and you’re done.

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