simple, perfect bread

Bread has been on my mind a lot, with Kneadlessly Simple selling like crazy. If you’re a bread lover like me, I have a really good reason for you to visit Jersey City. Not too far from the Journal Square path station is a spot called the Philippine Bread House. There isn’t much else to see in the area, so bring a map and head straight there. Let me describe how my typical experience there goes. I drive up and park. Walk up to the counter. Ask for a bag of pan de sal, nudging my way past other people doing the same thing. Hand over a dollar. (No, I’m not kidding, a sack of these costs a dollar.) Get into my car and eat a couple of them within a minute or two, crumbs falling all over my lap. Drive home. Put one in the toaster. Cut it open, spread butter on it, and eat. Wait 10 minutes and start thinking about the pan de sal again. Toast another. Put peanut butter on it this time. Try to not eat the rest of the bag and actually share. These rolls are very simple, very light, and slightly sweet. Besides that, you have to try them yourself. Do not ever buy them packaged in a plastic bag. You can probably get good ones in Queens, but otherwise, Jersey City is the spot.

4 thoughts on “simple, perfect bread

  1. ok, so i’ve never had pan de sal before, but judging from your pictures and words, i can only imagine how addictive these must be! i’m a carb addict, so i’m totally intrigued :)on another note, thanks for dropping by. i just browsed your blog for the past 15 mins or so, and i love it! your job sounds so fascinating. and you’re a korean food lover, like me 🙂 look forward to future posts.

  2. thanks for the comment, happytummy. yeah, i think these are worth a try if you’re an admitted carb addict. A real treat if you can find them fresh baked (and sometimes even still warm from the oven).

  3. Pan de Sal are really addicting. If these were the only things left in the world, I’d be a happy girl. You should try making them at home. =) Saves you a drive up to Jersey.

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