new noodles

Today I spotted the “grand opening” flags in front of that new noodle spot I’ve been scoping out at 10 Division Street. Apparently it opened just two days ago. So since Easter isn’t exactly my favorite holiday, I stopped in for a noodle-y lunch. Their specialty is, surprise, hand-pulled noodles.

Lan Zhou is bright and shiny, like a new restaurant should be. If you get a little creeped out at some of the other noodle joints around town, then this might be the spot for you. Look at those tables. They even have window seating. It’s kind of huge inside. That’s me marveling at the cleanliness. The menu looks like what you’d expect, if you’ve been haunting the other hand-pulled noodle spots around town. Twenty varieties of noodle soup, almost all $5.50 or less. Definitely no complaints there.

Yes, they have dumplings, but just the steamed variety. For three bucks, these are a steal. They’re a bit on the soft side, but I’m still not complaining. The filling is just right. Definitely go for a plate of these.

With a huge menu like that, it would take a few more visits to get a full sense of the food. They’ve even got those Fujianese-style dumplings (in soup) like at Sheng Wang. Jen got the spicy beef, and I think that was the right way to go (if you don’t mind a little sniffling from the spice). I took a risk on the house special soup. In retrospect, it’s a bit too intense — tendon, stomach, just about every part of the cow you can think of. But let’s stay focused — the broth was about what you’d expect. It needs a hit of chili oil and vinegar to pull everything together. More importantly, the noodles… there is no noodle guy in sight, and the noodles are a bit more refined, so I’d have to compare it to Food Sing. The difference is that the portions are huge here, like gigantic. One order of dumplings and two noodle soups is a monster-sized lunch. If you’re really hungry, this place is worth a try.

8 thoughts on “new noodles

  1. If this is the newer and bigger location of the Lan Zhou on E. Broadway, its definitely overrated. The noodles are fantastic however the broth essentially tastes like beef broth out of a can, not flavorful and the tripe and tendon are not cooked well. I wish I could just but the noodles and make my own stock at home.

  2. The new Lan Zhou on Division is unrelated to Lam Zhou (note different spelling) on E. Broadway. It may be related to a place out in Queens I’ve heard about. But it’s funny that you dislike Lam Zhou on E. Broadway so much. I’ve written about it on my blog and a lot of people I’ve sent there have become big fans. In fact, I can hardly persuade those friends to try any place else. All that being said, I go to Lam Zhou for the noodles and dumplings — amazingly fresh texture. For great broth, I go to Sheng Wang, Super Taste, and Food Sing. I wonder — there must be some place in the area where you can buy some fresh hand-made noodles like that and bring them home to cook.

  3. can I just say that I have an endless quest for the perfect veggie potsticker? please let me know if you find them?I love your blog, and as you can obviously see I’m catching up with your older posts–no, I’m not stalking you, just catching up. LOL

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