omg roast beef

Although I missed the episode of 30 Rock, I saw this piece on Serious Eats recently about a mozzarella shop in Hoboken. I was intrigued because I’ve been to a few of them. Lisa’s is a personal favorite. And yet I’d never been to Fiore’s before.

The funny thing about Fiore’s own web site is that you can’t find the address anywhere. Trust me, I looked around. It’s at 414 Adams Street (between 4th and 5th), if you’re curious. I don’t think Fiore’s fans are having any trouble finding the place. On Saturday afternoon, the line was long. Despite the wait, the loyal customers are friendly — they explained to us we need to grab a loaf of bread ourselves while we stand on line. Phew. There were only a few loaves left, and rumor has it that they do run out sometimes.

Actually it’s surprising they have a web site at all. Look at this place — it doesn’t get any more old school than this. Really, it’s kind of amazing. Next time I go back, I’m gonna stock up on imported pasta.

About the food, I’m a little perplexed by the photo on Serious Eats. This is what the roast beef monster really looks like, packed with mozzarella and soaked in gravy. They ask you if you want gravy on it, but how could you possibly say no? That would be like saying, “No, I don’t want my sandwich to be awesome.” And I’m told they don’t make the roast beef sandwiches everyday of the week — I guess we got lucky. Everybody was ordering these. For just $10, it’s an incredible value. Unless you have the appetite of a linebacker, you’re going to want to share one with a friend. I took this photo in my car, believe it or not. That’s the sandwich up on the dashboard, soaked with gravy. How does it taste? If you really like roast beef, this thing is heaven on earth.

6 thoughts on “omg roast beef

  1. Well, as you can tell, I am just discovering your blog and I love it. I am drooling over each entry. I love these Italian places, just like being in Italy! And I’ll tell you a secret – I lived in Italy for several years and Italians do not announce their addresses, even driving to another city and you will never see a sign announcing a city. Why? Because to Italians, “if you belong here then you know where to find us without us telling you where we are!” Seriously!

  2. Jamie, thanks again for commenting. That’s funny about Italy. I like that concept actually, except that I want to tell my friends where to go. I wonder if this place is like that — deliberately kept a secret. It’s a little bit out of the way, even just in tiny Hoboken.

  3. I WISH I had tried the gravy soaked one..but the reason we didn’t soak it is cos one of our interns bought it that morning and then brought it to our office. I mean, if it had been soaked before it would’ve been a gravy sponge by the time she got to us. But we could’ve added it later…maybe Ed tried dipping it. We had a GAZILLION SANDWICHES that day. It’s all a blur.

  4. Hmm, okay Robyn, that makes sense, but a gravy sponge doesn’t sound so bad, does it? (BTW, I didn’t think you actually read my blog.) I’d say Fiore’s is worth a try all by itself, when they’re serving the roast beef with gravy. It’s a bit of a walk from the Path train though.

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