more jersey city pride

I’m a little afraid that with all of the recent Jersey City stuff and particularly the post about Elio’s, someone is going to come along and say, “hey justcooknyc, how can you possibly write about Jersey City bakeries and not say something about Pecoraro, especially since it has been named as the best bakery in the entire state?” (I can’t remember where I read that actually, but I did. And frankly, I’d have to agree.) Pecoraro is an old-school treasure, on the level of Kossar’s for me (and that’s saying a lot). The funny thing about this post though is that this awesome pizza-like thing in the photo above is not on their regular menu. In fact, I only saw it for sale there once, so pretend you never saw it. I snapped this shot in my car. (I know, what gives with the car photos?) But it’s an easy walk from the Grove Street Path station and I’d say there is plenty more to see in the area. On a nice Saturday afternoon, you could have some fun strolling around downtown Jersey City. Just call me first for tips.

So if this pizza thing isn’t really on the menu, what do they offer on a regular basis? Italian bread. A lot of it. Personally, I love the stuffed breads — sausage, pepperoni, broccoli (definitely), spinach (omg), and they even had eggplant recently. The problem is that this place is loved by everyone who has ever visited it once, so they sell out fast. They always seem to be stocked with the olive bread though, and it’s a winner. Walking out of Pecoraro’s without an olive bread would be a real shame.

6 thoughts on “more jersey city pride

  1. that pizza-like thingy looks amazing! Wish I was close enough to pick up a loaf of Italian…bread is a major weakness for me.(ha! my “verification” word is foodcal.)

  2. Just a heads up that Cocoa Bakery & Bistro should have its doors open by June or July (depending on construction) and it will offer cakes, cookies, pastries, chocolates, truffles, as well as some breads. We will offer coffee and espresso drinks and we will have a full service restaurant next door offering bistro-style cuisine.275 Grand Street, a few minutes' walk from the Grove Street PATH stop.

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