feeling sick — catch-up post

I stayed home sick today. It’s been a rough few days, actually. I probably just have a cold, but it’s the worst cold ever. Cooking and dining out has been kept to a minimum. In fact, I haven’t eaten much more than soup in a while. So here’s a little catch-up. Before I got sick, I finally visited Sweet Revenge in the West Village. I tried stopping by when they first opened, but things kept going wrong. Then I saw them in the critic’s picks in the Time Out New York annual round-up and figured I’d better visit. Yes, these cupcakes are worth the hype. And if taste isn’t good enough to convince you, they’re fun to look at too. Great wines here too, btw.

Just a reminder, this is the bread book I got the bagel recipe from. That post generated a lot of interest (thanks, everyone!), so I figured it deserved a follow-up. I love that old-school cover design.

I did go to the city over the weekend (regretting it now, because standing outside for a few hours might have made sicker) to check out a cool performance art demonstration for North Korean women’s rights in front of that church on 2nd Avenue and 10th Street. If the photo above is a little disturbing, then you’re getting a good sense of what it was like. Fascinating stuff. They’re doing the piece again in NYC, so check out the schedule.

If you’re feeling sick and in the East village, the basic ramen soup at Kambi goes a long way to soothe the soul. I wish I could have another bowl of that right now.

When did Grandaisy Bakery open this location at 250 West Broadway in Tribeca? I know we’re all supposed to be talking about Co., but I stayed a fan of the original Sullivan Street even after Lahey left and it was renamed Grandaisy. If you’ve never tried their potato pizza, you’re really missing out.

Sorry for the rambling post, but what’s up with these frozen herbs, garlic, shallots, etc. in the supermarket? Doesn’t $2.69 for a tiny package of parsley that I could buy for 50 cents at the local bodega seem a little odd? And what about that packaging? It says these come all the way from Italy! This whole concept seems to be the opposite of greening, locavore, etc. Very questionable, in my opinion.

25 thoughts on “feeling sick — catch-up post

  1. aww Justin I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling ill – I hope you feel better soon! You’ll probably feel worse right before you get better, but I think bowls and bowls of ramen would help :)You make me wish I lived in NYC.

  2. Just looking at that ramen soup makes me feel better (and I didn’t feel too bad to begin with)! And yes, those cupcakes are pretty. I requested that book on paperbackswap right away…may never get it, but here’s hoping. :)feel better.

  3. Aw, that sucks! I found that the best remedy for a cold is sahm gae tang – Korean chicken soup with ginseng, dates, and other goodies. Have you ever had it? It works wonders – a nice hot bowl really sweats out your cold. My dad has made many bowls for us over the years! Feel better!

  4. Hey, Justin – are you feeling better? Did you make it in today?I’ll be in the city next weekend and wanted to check out a few places (dessert places of course!) that you mentioned here: Sweet Revenge, Grandaisy, and Kyotofu. I looked at their menus and I jotted down a million things that sounded good. But I couldn’t possible eat all of that, so I was wondering if you could tell me what you liked best at each place. Thanks!

  5. Suzanne: Grandaisy is easy — I love all of their pizzas. They’re sold at room temp. Even if that doesn’t sound good, just trust me. The potato is always a winner, thinly sliced with rosemary on the flat bread crust. If they have the zucchini, try that. Mushroom is good too. I even like the plain with just salt. And Sweet Revenge is also easy because they really only sell cupcakes and wine. I got the “pure” but the peanut butter was even better. Just go with your instinct, because I think they’re all amazing and gorgeous. I’ve actually never been to Kyotofu, but I should check it out sometime. Too bad it’s so far uptown. Let me know if you go.

  6. Your brownie post just made me drool!Thanks for the tips on Sweet Revenge and Grandaisy! I’ll let you know if I make it to Kyotofu. Since I’ll be by Parsons (for my brother’s thesis exhibition) Kyotofu may be a little out of the way.But, their stuff looks so amazing – I’m going to try my best to get there.

  7. Oh I’d better follow your blog carefully, i plan to go to NY with a foodie friend of mine (we’ll probably hang around East Village etc.. to take photos and soak up the atmosphere)I love the dishes you blog about :))Great to hear what you think of the books as well 🙂

  8. suzanne, I forgot to say good luck and have fun, visiting all those placeschristelle, i’ve definitely got some good places to visit in the east village in my blog. but it’s so interesting there, you can pretty much just wander around aimlessly and have fun

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