feel-better brownies

I’ve already blogged about being sick. Thanks for the well wishes, everybody. Besides consuming a lot of hot soup and tea, baking makes me feel better. Chocolate was in order, but I needed serious chocolate. This recipe is another one from Alice Medrich’s rare Cookies and Brownies. She calls them “New Classic Brownies.” I call them rich, dense, and fudgy. There’s only 1/2 cup of flour, and that means they turn out soft. You have to refrigerate the baked brownies just so they’ll hold together — that gets me excited. Plus, the recipe calls for an interesting technique…

You put the pan straight from the 400-degree oven into an ice bath in the sink. That’s not a great photo of the ice bath technique, but you get the idea. It quickly cools down the pan so your brownies don’t keep cooking around the edges. This is important because they’re way too soft to get them out of the pan until they cool down. Those are butterscotch chips in the brownies, by the way — my addition in place of nuts. I keep reading about butterscotch and caramel with chocolate in blogs I follow, and this addition satisfied my craving.

P.S. Alice wrote me this note on Facebook about the recipes in this great book: “Yes, my little cookie book is out of print but the good news: the recipes in it will be reincarnated along with dozens of new and very cool recipes, in my upcoming book, ALICE MEDRICH: CREATING COOKIES (working title) in the Fall 2010. So please look for it.”

49 thoughts on “feel-better brownies

  1. that’s a really cool brownie! i’m always apprehensive to cooking anything that requires an ice bath, since i’m afraid that somehow, the entire dish and all its components will become part of the ice bath.i don’t have many cookbooks and i’d like to start adding some to my um… lack of a collection, so i’ll look into “cookies and brownies.” thanks :Dp.s. – hope you feel LOOOOOTS better!

  2. thanks pinkstripes. you wouldn’t need an ice bath for most brownie recipes, because the extra flour would make them more stable. but these are so insanely soft with so little flour, you need to cool them down fast. maybe i’m not explaining it right, but it seems to work.

  3. Hmm… Never heqard of the ice bath routine. I’ll give that a try. But those are definitely feel fetter brownies!!! Same me a piece will ya???

  4. really good question, girlichef. you might want to use a better-quality pan for this technique or one so cheap that you don’t care what happens to it. i’d say go with the chicago metallic or better.

  5. Oh my lord, these look delicious. I’m a huge brownie fan and make every shape and form of a brownie. They are almost exactly like the cookies I just posted. That’s funny! What can I say…great minds think alike.Jaime

  6. Hey there Justin, I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Me too, thank goodness.So, now, these brownies…seriously, please send me one?? Pretty please? They look DEVINE.Hey, let me know if you ever need an item from Arizona to cook with…because who knows when I need something from you end of the country.Here is to good health!Jenifer

  7. Woah! Thanks for following me, I truely appreciate your support! These brownies look delicious! I’d never thought a brownie recipe would involve ice baths, but then again, it probably adds to the magic of it! I am loving all the delicious recipes you post, and I’ll keep visiting for sure!

  8. I love these brownies. I understand the ice bath issue. I make a banana cake that must be put in the freezer right after taking it out of the oven. First time to your blog, Love it.. Nice to meet you.

  9. Interesting technique. I’ll have to look for that cookbook. My brownies never turn out that nice and fudgy and the edges always get tough/overcooked.Glad you are feeling better 🙂

  10. Donna: thanks!Phyllis: it sounds like you should really try this recipe, or at least try the ice bath technique, because it cools down the sides of the pan so the edges don’t overcook. I’d also recommend the Award-Winning Brownies recipe in THE SWEETER SIDE OF AMY’S BREAD.

  11. Hi! Thank you for following my site! Your blog is delicious, it makes my mouth water. To answer your question, the polenta recipe on my blog is more like parmigiano polenta with tomato sauce. It’s really tasty!

  12. wow, that brownie looks awesome. i ADORE alice medrich’s recipes…i blogged about her bittersweet brownies back in december. they were truly phenomenal! and they used only 1/3 cup of flour…so fudgy.yours look fantastic, with the nuts and all.

  13. Sorry to hear you were feeling sick. I am just having an awful Wednesday and I am pretty sure one of these would cheer me up. If I were home right now you better believe I would be baking them.

  14. ok these brownies look fabulous! I am going to have to try these asap! love the ice bath idea… never tried that before but it sounds good to me!

  15. Ha! I notice that a recipe for chewy, fudgy brownies gets more comments than any dish with vegetables! These look amazing and I want to try them. Thanks for the ice water bath secret, that’s great! I do hate the cakey edges that form around once gooey brownies. These look fabulous!

  16. I love Alice Medrich and I have the recipe photocopied it from a library book. I will make try it next time I make brownies, which is pretty soon actually.Keep on baking!

  17. I LOVE delicious super fudgey non-cakey BROWNIES SO HARD. though i don’t make them too enough because i will eat many, many of them. unless i give them away. which i do. for special people!!! 🙂

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