rocco’s shrimp — better the next day

I’m an admitted carb-addict. If dinner doesn’t come with pasta or rice or bread, then it’s not dinner. So choosing the Shrimp and Cherry Tomatoes recipe from Rocco’s Real Life Recipes for dinner last night was a bit out of left field for me. It’s pretty much veggies and shrimp, flavored with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. The bitter broccoli rabe adds a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the vinegar.

This is one of those “technique-y” recipes. I usually avoid foil packets, but I was curious to try it. You don’t do any pre-cooking. Everything goes straight onto pieces of foil, then you wrap them up and bake at 400 degrees. One important note — the shrimp was not fully cooked in only 10 minutes, possibly because I used heavy-duty foil. Cook this a little longer to be safe.

So besides the foil packet technique, what’s this post all about? I’m working from home today, so I took the last few leftover packets and tossed everything in a skillet. Overnight for the flavors to meld a bit more and then a quick saute was what this recipe needed to make it really good… much better as leftovers. Last night it was, well, too healthy tasting. (This is so subjective — I’d have to recommend the recipe for anyone looking to lighten things up.) Next time I’d probably make the whole thing in a skillet from the start. Then I can taste test the food and tailor the flavors a bit. But I must admit, those foil packets make clean-up a breeze.

29 thoughts on “rocco’s shrimp — better the next day

  1. Heh heh I know what you mean about things tasting too healthy – I’m a total carbaholic as well. I’ve never made any of Rocco’s recipes before, but I did eat once at Rocco’s before it went out of business and was totally underwhelmed. I do think Rocco got a raw deal from the reality show, I know he’s a great chef and all, and I’m always happy to see him guesting on Top Chef, but then I lost a little respect for him when he was pitching Bertolli’s frozen meals – I actually went out and bought one of those meals to try because he said it was “good stuff!” – BLECH!I do love the simplicity of this dish and the easy clean up though! Gorgeous photo too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Phyllis: yeah, Rocco is cool though. I’m doing some work with him now. Not many chefs are as hard working. And I’ve been having great luck with his recipes… nice thing because they’re super easy after a long-day at work. And I like his flavors.

  3. I hate using foil too-back in India,we use either banana/turmeric leaves. Works well for steamed recipes-not sure if it will survive the heat of the oven though.

  4. I’m always intimidated by foil packets…but why? Looks so easy and what a delicious and healthy dinner to come out of yours!! I may have to give this one a try…

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